Day two of trip- Morning Blog

12/23/17- 11:30 am

Probably one of the best ways of knowing where you are at is to go back to where you have been. It always helps show me how far I’ve come, as I’m generally bad at measuring such things.

Turns out, I’ve really come a long way in the last few years. I feel very lucky about where I am.

You can expect my posts to be filled with nostalgia, by the way. I’m a Cancer and an ENFP, so what more can you expect?

We arrived in Pittsburgh safely. It is one of my all-time favorite cities just for its aesthetic and maybe slightly ridiculous but beautiful construction. A city built splayed along like 3 rivers and several ridges/mountains, with more bridges than any other city (according to L) and probably just as many tunnels. It’s covered with trees and when I woke up this morning, all I heard were crows and rain.

As we enter the city:

D: Oh, a tunnel!

*a few minutes later, the tunnel opens to the city*

D: Oh, there’s a city here!

I was nervous seeing old friends again because, so much time has passed, but now I don’t know why I was. I forget that these two friends are probably my most committed friendships I will ever have, and no matter how much time passes, seeing them is always as comfortable as the last time.

Needless to say, I was clobbered by A once we got here.

I was happy D finally got to meet A and S, as they’ve been such an important friendship for L and I over the years. They were also one of my first positive, albeit more casual and friendly, poly experiences. They helped me recover after my greatest-to-date poly disaster (a story for another time).

D and S both like pickles and D and A both ship Hux/Kylo Ren. It reminds me how seamlessly D fits into my life.

My biggest worry on the trip has been sleeping arrangements, as we’ve never all traveled together for such a long period with beds and couches being different place-to-place. But even that went smoothly – L offered to sleep in the snake room and said I should sleep with D so that he actually slept (he doesn’t sleep well in strange places or like snakes).

This is why we all roll our eyes when people ask “Are they okay with it?”

What my partners are not ok with, however, is missing their morning coffee. So, I should probably tend to that.


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