Trip Day One- Blog Day One


There is something to be said for finding something that works for you. This works for us. As I write we are a few hours into day one of a road trip for the Christmas holiday.

Who is…are?… we? More often than not, now, when I say ‘we’ I mean the three of us.

I am me.

There is also my partner.

Then there is my metamor, who I prefer to call my poly-pal.

For those of you who don’t know a metamor is the name given to your partners other partner…. Your boyfriend’s boyfriend, your girlfriend’s girlfriend, your girlfriend’s boyfriend, your boyfriend’s girlfriend. or whatever non- gendered variations of that you might be able to come up with.

Let’s clear up a few things

  • No, my poly-pal and I don’t date each other, we both just mutually date the same partner.
  • No, I am not jealous (at least not often enough to call me ‘jealous’.)
  • Yes, they- my poly-pal- know.
  • Yes, they are ok with it (they would have to be for it to work.)

Cool now- back to our trip

This is interesting to me because it is the first trip we have all taken together. Last year my partner came with me to my parent’s house in Denver, now we are going to visit my partner’s families and my poly-pal’s families, in New England. I have been with my partner for about a year and a half (ask him not me- I am bad at dates) and he has been with his other partner for the high side of eight years (yeah it’s as crazy as it sounds.)

Why does all that seem to matter enough to warrant putting this on the internet… I don’t know yet.

Our trip has started out well and I am pretty sure that this is the best my life has ever been. Maybe I feel like this will be a pretty strong test of our relationships. Maybe I think that this needs to be preserved for posterity. Maybe it will be flat out entertaining. Maybe… maybe it’s worth it to put out there, but I guess you would have to tell me.

So, status: driving. My partner is loudly playing music- mostly a mix of the shit on the radio and folk punk (?) stuff I have never heard of. My poly-pal is sleeping in the back seat. And I am where I always seem to be… behind my laptop (passengers seat.) My new stocking-stuffer pet stuffed unicorn (see banner) watches out for us from the dash.

Billiard: ‘biscuits are spoons you can eat.”

Partner: Now I want a fucking biscuit

Plan: get to Pittsburgh.

Time: 6:39pm

ETA: 11 something pm.

Looks like we are switching to an audio book of the hunger games- Catching Fire actual (brief review: Katniss, Peeta, Gale OT3 needed.)

We cross into Ohio as Katniss describes Peeta’s Eyelashes

Theme song: “O’Pennsyltucky” Mischief Brew

That’s that for now.


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