Trip day two still?- Squid Condom

hello. i am the L everyone around here has been talking about.

two posts had been written and posted here before i even knew the blog existed. i thought it was really cute. i ‘blog’ a lot, usually about personal politics and chronic illness and the Mountain Goats at a different blogging platform.

we arrived at my parent’s house in connecticut around 9:30 pm. my dad had picked us up a pizza and we sat and ate and talked with my mom and dad about random things. i’ve been a little anxious about this meeting. i often feel very out of my comfort zone around my parents, i don’t know why. i am similar to them in a lot of ways, but still feel disconnected and like i can never really be my true self around them. especially my dad.

Car window
Drive all the drives !!!!

my parents don’t know D is also dating E, just that D lives with us and is inexplicably traveling with us for the holidays. they don’t participate in any social media, so it’s easy to keep up the ignorance. it’s not that I’m embarrassed or anything, but i sometimes just feel the effort in explaining my choices about my life is better spent elsewhere. I don’t like to be interrogated. i have a hunch my mom might know, though. although, i am a little nervous about my brother. he does have social media, and is extremely disapproving of most of what i do with my life. my parents are nice people and very generous and even got D a stocking to hang on the stairs with E & i’s stocking.

it’s very cute and makes me feel better about the whole, not-really-a-secret-but-also-i’m-not-gonna-say-anything situation i have with my parents.

my mother asks D if he likes seafood, and D nods. then my mother tells him she had made stuffed squid, and asks him if he’s ever had squid. D has not, and expresses a little concern, causing my mother to blurt out “they look like condoms.” so that’s where we’re at. anyway, christmas eve is when my aunts and uncles and cousins come too and it’s a whole new anxious experience. but i think it’s going to work out alright.

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