Christmas Eve- So funny

12/24/17- 11:25pm (got to get up early so going to bed early.)

D: It will be impossibly hard to describe the evening we had. The night was spent with L’s family and it was … completely amusing and unforgettably ridiculous!

The first thing I should mention is that my Christmas sweater caught fire! I know right. So, I got the sweater from a friend’s late father and L’s mom asked me to light a candle. I took the lighter and gave it one zap- a test zap and the next thing I know a flame is crawling up my arm and across my chest. Me, chill as I am (no pun intended) am like “Huh, I am on fire.” And L’s mom it like “YOUR ON FIRE!” They put me out and I didn’t get damaged and even the sweater is fine. Fortunately, it became a joke during the night. This happened before the party even started… someone lit the candle- not me.

Also, L’s brother showed up … kind of late, and tells everyone how drunk he was, then changes clothes, then comes and has his dad help him wire cut the security tag off the arm of the shirt he just put on. Stolen?

Turns out the squid did look… beyond my ability to eat them.

E and I got in good cuz we helped L’s mom by buying her a curtain for the kitchen door. It was a very strong point of stress.

No one really asked about why I was there, lol. E and I made it through the night. And they almost got my gender right.

I stole a gift from L’s mom in the Secret Santa, but I left it for her anyway, I just wanted to see what she would do. She is too funny.

At some point there was a discussion about creamer babies. L has a cousin who is mixed race, but is very light. This baby’s mom is pregnant and one of the aunts hoped the baby would be darker… a “coffee creamer baby.” While the room was shouting about whether or not it was appropriate to say “creamer baby” said aunt turns to me and says “you should know you are a little creamer,” (I am black- Hispanic mix- generally brown). So yeah… what do you say to that?

Like the Wesleys, they got me a cute knit stocking with my initial on it. It was so cute and kind.


The whole night was loud and happy and… Christmasy? It even started to snow.

L (saying to D): my dad and my cousin are in a weird fight. My cousin sent us a video of him drinking at a wedding. He kept shouting “you betrayed me.” She kept saying she didn’t put it on the internet.

D: E got an Google Home Mini in the secret Santa. He asked it “how much does an abacus cost?” It said, “I can’t help with that.” Then he asked, “look up abacus on Amazon” and it said, “I haven’t learned how to do that.” So then … annoyed he asked, “how do you say abacus in Spanish?” and it said “Abaco.”  So funny- smart ass Google Home Mini.

L (saying to D): My cousin said to me and E when we were leaving “Why do I feel like you guys just got an addition to your relationship- like a third situation here.” She was talking about the Google Home Mini- not E and D.

D: It was so fun and great. So much more happened and they are a beautiful family. I felt very at home. Someday… will they know? Maybs. But it was great still. Also, E was here when writing this, he just laughed and agreed with all the stories.



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