Reminisce already?- Christmas Day

12/30/17 8am – getting close to the end of our trip

Welp let’s talk about Christmas day. It was great! E’s dad is so funny and talks a lot. I thought I would like him (we both like Star Trek and farming and, welp, that is a pretty good start.)

E and his siblings are a loud, angsty bunch. E’s spunky, younger sister, E2, just got married to a woman V. We were all pretty surprised because V just joined the navy and they are both very young. Some things you just got to go for, I guess. Good luck to the new wives! E’s brother S is a soft-spoken snark who I feel like I relate to in strange ways. He reminds me of my brother. Then M is E’s step brother. He… I got nothing on him cuz he wasn’t much involved.

T and his wife, K, hosted and T made a great breakfast. The drive to T’s farm from our hotel near L’s parents was torturous. It was snowing, and the highways were unplowed. Also, the windshield wipers make the most horrifying sound. We saw cars being pulled out of ditches and … it was winter hell… but also kinda pretty. White Christmas right?

Death Road

Anyway we were all a little worked up when we got there but T made us right at home with some great food.

We got really fun gifts… too many snacks. I got a great Star Trek door bell sensor (E and L are very annoyed). And we all got winter themed soft onesies. I got a polar bear which is so funny cuz I am so brown. L got a moose which they look great in. E got a yeti which he took a nap in lol.

So there as a bunch of stuff. L and I watched cheesy movies with K. E2 and V picked at each other, S watched E sleep, and E slept. Then we all played a game.

To my embarrassment this is about when I started to feel physically ill (number 2s)  and I started to run pretty high on anxiety. In a series of miscommunications and snapping, E and I got in a fight and I had to go cool off by marching around the farm in the snow.

I think that mental illness is one of the hardest parts of communicating. I don’t know how to tell someone I am on the verge of a panic attack (I mean … who flat out says ‘I am having a panic attack’ you know…?)

Anyway, we worked it out and headed back. L’s parents ordered us some Chinese food and we said our good-byes to them. Then we went back our hotel. The roads were annoyingly clear. We hung out in our new suits after that. Sent a few snaps. Did a few lunges in the bear suit. Skyped my sister (which was great because my sister and I weren’t close growing up and we are learning how to be friends as adults… and we talk more now that I am her brother instead of her sister- I guess I am better… more on that some other time.)

I really liked T and K and all the family that came with them. I think that I learned a lot about E. T is proud of E and, though he has a goofy way of showing it, he shows it. I think he wanted E to know he loves him and I think that T does that in the way I do. I think his love language is ‘Acts of Service’ like mine. If someone is constantly doing things for you and you don’t hear ‘I love you’ much… know you are probably being loved by, what we like to call. ‘a do-er.’

These are kind of late posts (time wise) cuz I am trying to practice some mindfulness and live in the moment.

So, more moments soon.


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