Poly Tea Party in Boston

1/1/18 (new year… weird)

Well we are home now so I am going to tell you about our day in Boston- 26? 27? Why? I think it makes a very good point about our trio. But I will get there…

So, we were in Boston as a bit of a layover between E’s father’s and E’s mother’s house. A stay in a fancy hotel there was a Christmas gift (I mostly played with the automatic window shutters). I had never been to Boston so of course I needed to find some way to throw TEA into the Boston Harbor!! My poly-pal and partner were skeptical, but we found a pretty decent deal on Groupon.

Picture it: December, 16th 1773- American Colonists! English Rebels! A world in which it was still cool to say HAZZAH!! These people in the night buckled their shoes, hitched up their breeches, donned their culturally inappropriate disguises and marched off to troll the king of England and free us all!

Jump to now: This poly-trio, standing in our hastily packed winter gear, on the coldest day in Boston … probably ever (-24f with the wind chill). From the shelter of a Starbucks we map our route to the Boston Tea Party Museum. Why: because I- a Colorado native- must walk in the footsteps of someone else’s ancestors- to throw tea in the harbor!

So, we go! It was a pretty great museum. The play actors/ tour guides walk you through the events of the party, explain how it worked. The tax on goods that come off the ships, the forced consumption of the goods provided through appointed monopolies, the military intimidation (I am an economist by trade so this was interesting.) Sam Adams gave as speech, we all shouted ‘hazzah’. We went out onto the ship deck and I GOT TO TOSS TEA INTO THE HARBOR (I got to toss a floating crate painted to look like the tea crates into the water then tow it back in by the tether they had attached to it.) E tossed one in and L at least picked one up for a pic.

A boat

We then went inside the ship, got a look at that (looked like a tough life), we played witness to a battle, we went to a tea room to allow E to have some Boston cream pie. And finally we went and spent too much money in a gift shop.

So what does this have to do with being Poly- my poly-pal and my partner did this with me- duh. More so, they are natives of New England and have never done it. WHATS MORE: between the cold, their political views, the reasons for being in N.E. at all…well I feel like they mostly did it for me, to allow me an experience (we don’t have harbors in Colorado.)


Sometimes there will come a time to do something you are not sure about because you have a relationship with someone (partner or poly-pal). I am grateful to them both for going into it looking to have some sort of fun, doing it at least for the LOLZ.  And lolz we did. But we have something more now that makes our tribe a little stronger. We braved the cold, we braved the city, we braved the possibility of personal insult (we are pretty diverse… early American history isn’t known for being very accepting of diverse groups.) And we did something together.

I don’t know what I will have to do in the future that I am not sure about (giant reptiles) but my relationship with my partner and my poly-pal will be worth it and it will at the very least be worth the lolz.


Sorry, apparently being home means more capital letters.




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