A “two” date in a “three” world

Today E and L went on a lunch date. I went home, got in bed, and tried to squelch a headache (Failed). The point was that E and L took some time with each other.

I can almost hear the questions:

“Don’t you get jealous?” – Naw, I used to… I used to feel like there had to be an A wherever there was a B… I used to wonder when my ‘lunch’ would be. But not anymore. E and I talk a lot and I know L. We talk about ‘filling each other up’ and the differences in what each of us consider quality time. E and I do a lot of projects together and that fills me up. E and L go to lunch or Pokémon Go dates and that fills them up… while I might like lunch, I have very little interest in Pokémon Go. I also know that L isn’t going to lord what ever time they get from E over me. It is not a contest, there is no tally, no end game.

“Don’t you worry that it will make E like L more than you?”- I guess if I was worried about that I would have thought a lot harder about the 8 years they were together before me… and trust me I thought a lot about that. Naw… that’s like saying you like Burger King less because you went to Taco Bell… some things don’t compare…. And what’s more, some things don’t have to compare.

“Don’t you miss E?” –  Duh…

“Isn’t it weird for you?”- Naw… I can’t really explain why it isn’t. It is a thing E does. Say you meet someone and you like them… and you find out they go to the art museum every Tuesday… would you stop them from going to the art museum? (Also, L is way cooler than the art museum I am just bad at analogies.)

“Don’t you want to know what they talk about?” – to be honest sometimes they talk here in the house and I don’t listen. If there is something they talk about that they want me to know they tell me. If there is something E and I talk about when we are alone and want L to know we tell them… or we tag each other in some Facebook posts.

Now we are all together again… E is cooking food, L is watching the news (I hate the news) and I write… we do what we do.

If you have more questions about this feel free to comment them.

I guess the only thing I really thought about was “I want lunch” but then I got in my bed so that is good to.



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