A day apart


Most days me, my partner, and my poly-pal hang out around the house. Sometimes we have serious conversations about the state of the world (history, taxes, identities, etc).  Sometimes we have ridiculous conversations where we just shout weird stuff trying to get the others to laugh. We also play a lot of games and are in the middle of several Netflix shows.

Today was not one of those days… at least not for the most part.

E had work and class down in the city (an hour away) and I had an event in town with a group I volunteer for. L stayed home. Here is why this is a poly thing… I LOVE my partner and my poly-pal is one of my best friends. We have jokes… we have shared experiences… we have similar ideals… let’s just say this makes it hard for me to be apart. 80% of my charm is jokes and I KNOW I can get at least one of them to laugh… strangers on the other hand…maybs naw.

I have this problem with my partner… the more time I spend with him the harder it is to be away from him. We are all (the three of us) teachers or students so we had a long winter break to spend together, and now it is over. My partner is like an addition… the more I get the more I want. Its super lovey and cheese and… well its also true.

That being said, my poly-pal is so funny and smart and … says all the shit you wish you could say… real and down to earth and … well I would recommend friendship with them to anyone… though they are a tough nut to crack.

So, what happens when you put me in a room with other people, none of whom are my partner (who I am addicted to) or my poly-pal (who I think is the shit.) Well it doesn’t really matter how great the other people are. I spent most of the event trying to tell everyone about how great E is and I eventually had to give up on trying NOT to tell people something insightful or funny L said.

Think of any trio… Ron, Harry, Hermione… Spock, Kirk, McCoy…

(I know… I am a nerd)

When you have a solid three its hard to figure out what anyone else in the world is doing… it’s not impossible and I did try but… I am also bad at talking to people (I lack people-inertia). I instantly miss people I am attached to when they aren’t around… even if they go in the other room.

I missed them tonight.

…oh… I guess  the event went well….


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