*whew* 3.12.18

Imagine going on a roller coaster. You stand in line with your friends, you load a train, you climb up a hill, and then it’s a veritable free fall as you twist and turn and dive and rise and maybe flip. There is no getting off, there is no slowing down, there is no break in the middle.

Then you do stop and you do get off and for some plausible or insane reason you and your friends take a few casual steps down a path and end up in a line for a completely different but altogether similar chaotic ride.

Such is life I guess.

The last month has been roller coaster number one. We moved from one city to another, I was neck deep in the middle of teaching a community college semester, E was neck deep in middle school standardize testing and L became champion of the world by COMPLETING THEIR PHD!!!

So what did that mean… well it meant there was almost no real time to move, there was insufficient time to celebrate, and exactly zero time to get ahead. (and I did so little writing my computer filed for unemployment).

“Blah blah blah D, get over your life, everyone goes through stuff,” some might say.

Sure they do but let me tell you about how being in this poly tribe has helped. Consider how lonely it is to ride a roller coaster all alone… the only sad-sack in the front car. Right? Boo to that. Roller coasters are better with more people on them!

Such is life I guess.

This was an exciting move because it was our first move together as a trio. E and Dr. L have always lived together (‘always’ in the sense that I have never known them to not live together.) And I moved in with them, technically. But now we have a new home that we can set up to our tastes. Its been nice to live closer to where E works because it is easier on him. That is important because Dr. L and I have been getting more of E as his best self and – DAMN- he is beautiful (he is always beautiful but there is something to be said for someone who is less stressed.)

The drives back and forth to the old city for work have given Dr. L and I some unique time together. They are working on campus still and will hitch a ride with me. It is fun. We listened to an audio book: “A Colony in a Nation,” By Chris Hayes. We watch him on MSNBC and Dr. L was like ‘well he has a book’ and I was like ‘dang lets hear it’. Now Dr. L and I have new ways of relating to the world… and since it is us: it tends to be a lot of socially critical yet hilarious joking. I do have to apologize to them for shuffling my iPod sort of haphazardly, but they apologize to me for falling asleep so I … think we are even.

Also I am pretty sure our old house was trying to kill us with mold and … despair. Our new house feels lighter, warmer, and less … sludgy. So even the pets seem happier. The dogs and the cats even play together a little (CUTE).

We have also found some SSWWEEEEETTTT queer spots in our new city. We love it!


So right now, we are on that lovely path between coasters. We will explore our new city and enjoy our new home and… *crosses heart* I will try to be more consistent with these posts… *crosses fingers.*

Yup, so, I guess that means somewhere in front of us is that second roller coaster. Well, unless roller coasters start jumping out of bushes to surprise people, the three of us already know what that coaster is called.

It is the death-defying “We are moving to Florida” Coaster. Right… so we just moved and come August we will move again… and have to find jobs… well fortunately Dr. L already has a job there! But E and I are going job hunting.

The ploy relationship is that train of cars and once you are in it you are in it right… at least till the coaster stops.

In the meantime, I hope our stroll to the next roller coaster takes us past a Dippin’ Dots stand (not sure what the metaphor there is.)


PSA- I actually hate roller coasters… motion sickness.

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