New City New Job… Same Struggle

So this triad doesn’t have a lot of money.

It has been an interesting struggle to try and put our three lives on the same page as each other- especially when it comes to money. You don’t want to be the guy who gets your roommate/meta tossed onto the street cuz you can’t pay rent- right? L works the most traditional job of us. E and I do those app based experiences like Lyft, Doordash, and a new one called Shipt. (No one is paying me to talk about these products but if you want to… I could use the cash 😛 #noshame)

What I like is that sometimes we have or do things that make me feel fancy. We have a Roomba !! (Again… if you want to pay me to say Roomba….) Right now it is bouncing around into walls even though I told it to dock. This is not a sign of our wealth though because I go it for free. But I still FEEL fancy.

Also today we are having our groceries delivered to the house. This resource is accessible to us because E gets a free membership. But still – I don’t have to leave my house.  And I FEEL fancy.

I am glad we do things sometimes that make us feel fancy. I have learned it is hard to be poor and FEEL poor.

There is a lot to think about here though… how is it that three adults with degrees ranging from B.S. to PhD. FEEL so financially unstable? … sure we moved… sure we have student loans… sure we are millennials so maybe we are just whining.

I don’t have an answer, but here are the ways to save money as a group and still not loose the fancy!

A) Find a show to watch- you don’t have to go out and you can watch as much or as little as you want. And this is helpful if you don’t know your Meta very well and want to get to know them.

B) Pool groceries. Its cheaper to get the bulk stuff and split it than to try to get what you need alone.

C) Lend each other money and don’t ask for it back – SAY WHAT ? HOW CAN LENDING MONEY SAVE MONEY.? Individually it might not seem like it but it can help you feel like you are ‘wanting’ for things and it evens out the struggle so people feel less like they are alone. When one corner or side of a poly-lelagram feels stressed it can often stress out those closest to it. But if your nice, great, meta can float you a fiver you can maybe chill. Its also like an interest free bank cuz someday you might have a fiver to float them.

D) Go to bed early and sleep late- cant spend money if yous sleeping.

E) Don’t do something or go somewhere out side the financial range of someone in the poy-lelagram. Unless you are gonna float them the difference, it’s rude. But if you do something they can do then you are probably saving money because you wanted do the fancier thing and are doing a different thing.


Also if you are interested-

I would like to display some photos or art on the blog banners – WITH CREDIT- so if you have something you want seen let me know. That being said – if you wouldn’t send it to your edgy but old grandmother don’t send it to me.

I have set up an email so follow the link.

I will accept topic ideas too.


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