A better poly show than that other poly show!


Black Sails is about pirates, obvs. And it is very violent and very graphic and has sex, drugs, bad language, slavery (I had a problem with this), sexual violence (had a problem with this too) … it was on Starz so… you know. Now it’s on Hulu. If you enjoy powerful story telling, drama, intrigue, and anarchy – give it a watch.

I know I am really selling it 😛 but I am the type who values trigger warnings…. also maybe spoilers

All of that and I just needed someone to talk about the TWO major Triads in the story line.

That’s right, TWO.

There is one featuring Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, and Max (did she have a last name?) The other is Captain Flint, Miranda Barlow, and Thomas Hamilton.


A) These triads are sort of set up in the usual way love triangles as far as the story goes, but instead of forcing one character to choose between ‘him’ or ‘her’, the focal point of the triangle is just “like BOTH!”

B) Queer Triads- enough said.

C) Here is what I really like about them. The metas don’t hate each other. Me and my meta L are really good friends. The metas in the show might not be exactly friends, but they work to do what is best for their combined families. (Keep in mind it is a ‘pirate’ best so theft and murder but…) I like this because I feel like love triangles are usually about pitting one side of the triangle against the other until it falls apart. Not here, they instead work out a way to maximizes every ones potential and value and try to bring each other up.

D) The two hinges in the show are just too lovable. Thomas is a muffin who just wants to save everyone and in her own way so is Bonny (she just saves everyone through murder instead of pardons.) And they are so gentle with their partners. They wanted their partners to get to know each other and value each other as metas and friends or allies. E is good about that. E would pardon everyone lol.

E) NO ONE FORCES THE MONOGAMY- well no one who lives to see the end of the show any way! How annoying is it when there is just a bunch of people in real life or in shows who are like: poly is a phase or it will be just two later or it will fail. Well, the Pirates just murdered anyone who stood in their poly way. I don’t want anyone to die, but there is something cathartic about it.

I need more people to talk about this show.  Talk about it with me if you want.


I know it’s not a new show but let a man live ok?

Also if you are interested-

I would like to display some photos or art on the blog banners – WITH CREDIT- so if you have something you want seen let me know. That being said – if you wouldn’t send it to your edgy but old grandmother don’t send it to me.

I have set up an email so follow the link.

I will accept topic ideas too.


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