The Secrets of Chikorita- It’s a choice

We went to play Pokemon GO this weekend. It was community day for Chikorita and I was faced with a choice. Do I give up the goat and play the ‘danged’ game or do I just wander around with E and L watching them play like I usually do.

Well let me tell you something very important- Up until Saturday I didn’t have a Pokemon GO account. I know I know what kind of millennial am I? Get Over It. I didn’t play Pokemon of any kind when it was big in other forms- no cards, no Gameboy, no DS…

So why sign up on Saturday?

E and L wanted me to play.

That sounds obvious. But consider this-

Up until Saturday P.G. (Pokemon GO cuz I am lazy) was E and L’s thing. They would go on P.G. dates and do raids together or whatever. It is cute of them.

So by accepting to play Saturday, I maybe suddenly invade on their space… I think having a thing you do with a partner is important in Poly relationships. It is a way to stay connected with each partner individually. It is an easy way to plan dates or set up time to be together.

For a Triad who lives together, eats meals together, spends most of our non work hours together, I think having a think with a partner makes a difference.

And I don’t want to invade on E and L’s thing.

But here is the interesting thing about chikorita- Participation is a choice. I don’t think me playing this one time, or even again is going to detrimentally upset how they play together. They can do it with out me and I can with out them or none of us at all. There is no obligation.

We as a group are pretty good at resisting cultural obligation. No one made me play, I was asked to play and wanted to. Am I invading their thing- I don’t think so because they can still do it anytime they want with out me.


Also if you are interested-

I would like to display some photos or art on the blog banners – WITH CREDIT- so if you have something you want seen let me know. That being said – if you wouldn’t send it to your edgy but old grandmother don’t send it to me.

I have set up an email so follow the link.

I will accept topic ideas too.


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