My Dog Our Dog- a thought on ownership

The news about my dog having cancer was really derailing. For the last two weeks I have been… in a slump? I don’t know if that is the right word. But it did give me something to think about in terms of relationships. I think this can be a applicable to more than just the poly life, too.

So I refer to the dog in question as my dog. But E takes care of him and loves him and even heroically carried the dog back to the car when it was fainting at the dog park! And I kinda had to wonder when did the dog become our dog instead of just my dog.

Now for E, I think he loved the dog right away and there was no ‘yours’ or ‘mine,’ just “hey there doggo.”

But for L, learning they thought of the dog as their dog was surprising. Not that they wouldn’t but I just never thought about it.

E was telling them the news on the phone. L was out of town and E and I were about to go to Old Navy. And then E told me what L said. They said, “since I think of him as my dog to I will help pay the bills.”

Damn son- that will pull on all the ‘feels’ strings.

I think the dog loves us all equally, sure he follows me around but I am in charge, L and E are part of the pack. The cats even tolerate the dogs!

I think that if you let something live … really live… be it a person or dog or relationship… let it be as it needs to be, you can see some pretty exciting things. I couldn’t force E and L to like the dog and I couldn’t force them to like me, either but … here we all are.

I don’t think anyone really owns anything… I think if something loves you and you love it you are beyond ownership. You simply are.

Oh, and the dog is ok for now. He is on meds that help keep him happy.


Also if you are interested-

I would like to display some photos or art on the blog banners – WITH CREDIT- so if you have something you want seen let me know. That being said – if you wouldn’t send it to your edgy but old grandmother don’t send it to me.

I have set up an email so follow the link.

I will accept topic ideas too.


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