Dang- new year new problems

So nearly a week in to the new year! That’s cool. Its been a rough end to the last year I can tell you that much. But we have grown as a trio and as a family.

The biggest struggle right now is that L is out of work because of the shut down. And because of the shut down they have developed the semi bad, semi beneficial habit  of watching true crime television on Hulu and Netflix.

Little do they know- this helps me a little. I AM NOT GOING TO COMMIT A CRIME!

So, over November I managed to complete NANOWRIMO! It was a lot. Well the story I was- am working on is a crime based paranormal thriller romance.

L watching these shows allows me to do some pretty twisted research without a whole lot of energy. LOLZ

I don’t know what that has to do with 2019… so far.


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