Important Kitten

We have- had two cats and two dogs. And there are three humans here.

So E and I took the sick dog to the vet and we noticed the vet was having a kitten adoption. There was only one baby cat left in the kennel and it was the most millennial internet cat ever created.

Picture it- small mostly black kitten- with no tail (not even a numb) AND a little white mustache of fur on his face. He even had little white socks on his paws and multicolored beans!

Sounds like and Instagram  blessing right!

Well E loved him right away. But we didn’t adopt him right away. We tended the sick dog, left the vet, and went to work.

Then E spent all day thinking about the kitten! So we talked about it and went back as a family to get the little baby cat.

He is the best cat- he is in love with the other cats and his bestie is our other dog !

He is an important cat because he is the one we three got together. The dogs came into the relationship with me- and the cats with E and L. Having those separate things can put secret strain on ploy relationships.

We are a generally non hierarchical trio but I felt a secret hierarchy and some unsubtle jealousy at the idea that E and L had so much ‘living’ together. They had been together for YEARS before I showed up. They had rented together, and shopped together, and moved together, and adopted pets together and …

Well doing some of those things as a trio has really settled a lot of feelings for people. We moved to Florida together, and we all shop together, and we all now adopted a pet together (though  the cat is kind of E’s cat and L and I like to enforce that idea when he breaks something). It felt to me like the last final cord of tension- one I hadn’t even noticed- gave way.

Its a weird sort of poly peace.


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