Working out together

Sooooo remember how I said I took up bread making and I was worried about bread-chub?

Me and the peeps are working out together!

It is tough to coordinate (the only thing good coming out of the shutdown is L’s flexible schedule).

It is so much fun. L and E are so funny because they just say the most ridiculous shit! On the first night we worked out to the “Monster Mash” song cuz L wasn’t feeling my Queen. I wonder if there are any good TMG songs to work out to.

We all have different “problem areas” – flexibility for some, over heating for others, tight legs and shoulders for me, bad knees for all. I build the work out on an app I found and I try to make it as … functionally easy as I can.

E and I also do Yoga with this online instructor (if you can guess who then we should be friends). We are behind a few days but –

We are TRYING.

And we are trying together.

I guess that is the point of it all… to try something together.


PS: Let me just say that people in relationships tend to be heavier than singles and despite what others my believe I think its cuz love fills you up- so there.

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