My cousin asks a lot of questions

I messaged my cousin one day out of the blue because I got the ‘sixth sense’ feeling she was fighting with her husband. It’s a creepy thing that I do- high intuition+ mystical connection to the universe= creepy ESP. Anyway she was fighting with him and it had been a long, interesting, complicated fight.

We ended up having a massive conversation about relationships. At some point she asked, “how do you make a complicated thing, like a relationship between three people seem so simple.”

I had to laugh.

I said, “Don’t confuse complicated with complex.”

A distinction-

Complicated – American politics.

Complex- The human circulatory system.

Not to say that this trio doesn’t have its complications. I told her that E and L and I talk pretty much endlessly about relationships (not just ours but everyone’s)- not to mention the soul searching each of us have done in our own heads and hearts.

I thought I would share some of the topics that came up in that convo with my cuz in a post series called-

“My Cousin’s Questions.”

Some of the information might be repeated in past posts but I am hoping that my cousin’s perspectives can help all of us grow in our relationships….

Lofty goals but – go big or go home?

Check back for Part 1: “He is so similar but annoyingly different.”



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