Three just means less kibble

I think the people have the better end of the deal, sure there’s three of them like there is three of us but they don’t suffer like I do. They have thumbs, they can open the fridge when ever they want. They don’t have to wait if they don’t want too. But I have to wait and when I finally get to eat I see that the other two have food too! Better food. But when I go to eat their food they just move to eat my food. Either way there is never enough food.

The black one… he gets the best food. I don’t know who’s back you gotta groom to get what that guy gets. And he’s new here! I am the oldest one I should get the good stuff. But I don’t. He lets me eat it though so… he’s fine… I guess….

Then you have to share your box. What do the people think that we can all just share a box? We are practically peons living under the landlords from the box shortage kingdom. I don’t mind when the second one comes to the box, she just lays and looks at the lizards with me. That black one though, he just tries to bite like the rude hairball he is.

Not only does he come in my box but the people have started letting him into my room. That is my place, to just lay in the sun and threaten some birds. I needed that space to get away from the third one and from the second sometimes cuz she’s loud. And the two other sub-beasts that live here.

Naw, the humans have it better. They have all the kibble they could stand, they have their own boxes that they don’t even have to share all the time. And best of all- they can leave if they wanted to!

Naw don’t let the people complain about any of it. I am the one struggling here.

No Dogs- No Masters!

Sincerely-  the cat with the bat name.

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