A “chemistry” lesson

It’s interesting that some people talk about ploy like the relationship is doomed to fail- as if anything that is more than just two people will ‘always’ crumble. I feel like it is hard for people looking at polycule from the outside to understand how that sort of relationship structure could possibly be stable. The real irony here is that those same people call the romantic connection between people “Chemistry.”

If they knew anything about “Chemistry” they would know that not only do multiple relationship structures exist but there is a very easy way to explain why a human would form multiple relationships.




When you think about it this way it’s not hard to understand how a structure between two elements can be relatively non-reactive- salt for example- or reactive like hydrogen gas. And there are plenty of examples with bigger elements and compounds that are both reactive and non-reactive. I mean consider how strong people think diamonds are… and diamonds just super carbon crystals and who’s gonna break that up?

I think this is important for people who would rather be single too- maybe their electron clouds are just self satisfied and they don’t need or want bonds… stop pressuring them! Also, unlike the elements, peoples energies can change over time, so at some point they may have many partners, one partner, or none partners. 

We (this poly tribe) tend to think of ourselves, fittingly, as a water compound in which E is the oxygen.

I guess the simple point is that monogamy is no more or less stable a structure compared to any polycule…

It all depends on the elements uses to make the structure- or the people in the relationship.

And it maybe also depends on the outside forces that want to break your structure up… but we will talk about that some other day.


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