My cousin asks a lot of questions

I messaged my cousin one day out of the blue because I got the 'sixth sense' feeling she was fighting with her husband. It's a creepy thing that I do- high intuition+ mystical connection to the universe= creepy ESP. Anyway she was fighting with him and it had been a long, interesting, complicated fight. We... Continue Reading →

Working out together

Sooooo remember how I said I took up bread making and I was worried about bread-chub? Me and the peeps are working out together! It is tough to coordinate (the only thing good coming out of the shutdown is L's flexible schedule). It is so much fun. L and E are so funny because they... Continue Reading →

Bread at the table

I have started bread making. I LOVE IT. I guess I have always thought "How hard could it be?" Well it is hard- duh! It is hard to start because there are a lot of tools you- not necessarily need- want to have to get cool breads. Anyway, its is a hobby that everyone benefits... Continue Reading →

Important Kitten

We have- had two cats and two dogs. And there are three humans here. So E and I took the sick dog to the vet and we noticed the vet was having a kitten adoption. There was only one baby cat left in the kennel and it was the most millennial internet cat ever created.... Continue Reading →


I have finally landed on a decent explanation about what it takes for our triad to communicate. Code-switching! According to the definition I just looked up code-switching is "the practice of alternating between two or more languages or varieties of language in conversation," (insert citation for Google here). I think we are pretty darn good... Continue Reading →

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