I have finally landed on a decent explanation about what it takes for our triad to communicate. Code-switching! According to the definition I just looked up code-switching is "the practice of alternating between two or more languages or varieties of language in conversation," (insert citation for Google here). I think we are pretty darn good... Continue Reading →

A week- we had one

This week was a lot! L had many meetings at work- their job has been an interesting hell-scape due to the bad science of one of their coworkers... that guys last day was Friday! WWOOOTTTTT. E had an interview and will hopefully have a cool new job helping LGBTQA+ youth. We all think it would... Continue Reading →

Community- hard to find

We think it is important to have a community. It is hard to find one though. We have been searching for a poly group to join pretty much since we moved to Florida. And by we ... I mean E. He puts in the most effort into those things sometimes. Maybe it's because he is... Continue Reading →

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