Arguing three ways

We get asked a lot "What happens when all of you fight at once?" The long and the short of it is - it depends on the day. Today was something special. Usually when we all argue with each other it is because we all are frustrated by different things. Today it was some blurry... Continue Reading →

Can I be forgiven

Apparently a lot can happen when you are trying to avoid a writing a post. writing about cheating was too hard. Apparently I am pretty grey about it. I thought that I had more... commitment to a  side but I don't. I honestly don't know why I thought that. I am very rarely committed to... Continue Reading →

In a row

The saying is … get your ducks in a row. Reference the banner pic for this blog… this seems to be how my life is going today. Those aren’t ducks... those are geese These are “Canadian” geese… in Indiana I assume they mean get your baby geese in a row Can you even incentivize geese... Continue Reading →

“What are the different options?” 3.27.18

Child. Parent. Business Partner. Domestic Partner. Wife. Husband. Landlord. These are some of the different options listed under “relationship” when opening or adding another onto a bank account. It was a much longer list but the woman helping us spoke so fast I didn’t catch more than half of them. For this post, I figured... Continue Reading →

*whew* 3.12.18

Imagine going on a roller coaster. You stand in line with your friends, you load a train, you climb up a hill, and then it’s a veritable free fall as you twist and turn and dive and rise and maybe flip. There is no getting off, there is no slowing down, there is no break... Continue Reading →

When one day is different

1/27/18 Everyday. That’s how I knew I loved E, when “EVERYDAY” became exactly important because he was around (he didn’t even have to like me back). There are 10,000 little things that happen every day that make our relationship worth everyday. You would think that in a daily life where 10,000 things make your world... Continue Reading →

Moving Moving Moving

Moving – I don’t know anyone who likes to move. Well, I like some parts of it – picking out a new home, getting to rearrange my stuff in the home after we’re settled, being in a new place – the ENFP in me loves these things. But still, it’s stressful. A lot of decisions... Continue Reading →

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