A day apart

1/9/18 Most days me, my partner, and my poly-pal hang out around the house. Sometimes we have serious conversations about the state of the world (history, taxes, identities, etc).  Sometimes we have ridiculous conversations where we just shout weird stuff trying to get the others to laugh. We also play a lot of games and... Continue Reading →

Poly Tea Party in Boston

1/1/18 (new year… weird) Well we are home now so I am going to tell you about our day in Boston- 26? 27? Why? I think it makes a very good point about our trio. But I will get there… So, we were in Boston as a bit of a layover between E’s father’s and... Continue Reading →

Christmas Eve- So funny

12/24/17- 11:25pm (got to get up early so going to bed early.) D: It will be impossibly hard to describe the evening we had. The night was spent with L’s family and it was … completely amusing and unforgettably ridiculous! The first thing I should mention is that my Christmas sweater caught fire! I know... Continue Reading →

Trip day two still?- Squid Condom

hello. i am the L everyone around here has been talking about. two posts had been written and posted here before i even knew the blog existed. i thought it was really cute. i 'blog' a lot, usually about personal politics and chronic illness and the Mountain Goats at a different blogging platform. we arrived... Continue Reading →

Trip day two- Night Blog

12/23/17 Pennsylvania is very long. I thought I knew long, driving regularly through Kansas, but that was different. Kansas is flat, well mostly flat, Pennsylvania is all hills and dense trees and… no horizon. For some reason not being able to see the horizon makes it all seem longer. I have learned that I am... Continue Reading →

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