A “chemistry” lesson

It’s interesting that some people talk about ploy like the relationship is doomed to fail- as if anything that is more than just two people will ‘always’ crumble. I feel like it is hard for people looking at polycule from the outside to understand how that sort of relationship structure could possibly be stable. The... Continue Reading →

A Lesson in Time Economics

I know I am not alone in feeling like I am not very special to someone sometimes. It’s like the ordinary routine settles in and sometimes you just feel like part of the furniture to your partner- or whomever in your life. I have been feeling that way a little with E lately. I been... Continue Reading →

Traffic and other such games

I think everything in South Florida agrees that night time is the best time to go outside. I mean it doesn't change the fact that it is still stupidly hot and humid, but it is better than daytime. E and I take walks then too, with the slugs, and the frogs, and the opossums. I... Continue Reading →

A week- we had one

This week was a lot! L had many meetings at work- their job has been an interesting hell-scape due to the bad science of one of their coworkers... that guys last day was Friday! WWOOOTTTTT. E had an interview and will hopefully have a cool new job helping LGBTQA+ youth. We all think it would... Continue Reading →

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